Our Time Is Here | a Lauren/You Short Story

Our Time Is Here | a Lauren/You Short Story

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Y/N and Lauren are completely and utterly in love, but being famous can take its toll on a relationship. Their time isn't right, according to Y/N, so she breaks up with her first and only love. 

Five years later, their paths cross again, but everything has changed for the both of them. Lauren believes the time is right, but Y/N? Not so much. Can Lauren win her back, or is Y/N completely done with Lauren?

Find out what happens between Y/N and Lauren in this short story!

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DazStar22 DazStar22 Aug 10, 2016
Thank you for making me think I have a choice...... Not 😒
Avaqava Avaqava Jan 10
Well they do say the first love is the sweetest but the first cut is the deepest
ShelleySweetie23 ShelleySweetie23 Jun 25, 2016
For some reason I thought of the high school Musical two break up scene between Troy and Gabriella.... 
                              Am I the only one? O.O
fiveharpoons fiveharpoons Nov 26, 2016
they should've i need wild dinah , normani, and oblivious camilia in my life tf
Lizbian_Jauregui Lizbian_Jauregui Dec 05, 2016
That's the most funniest/ random shìt I've ever read in the comments, I fukin love it😂😂💀💀💀 @DazStar22
daydreamer4lyf daydreamer4lyf Aug 30, 2016
I guess time hasn't changed a thing, i will always be late to things damn