Daydreamer. || Lauren/You

Daydreamer. || Lauren/You

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Lauren Jauregui 💕 By camrenharmonizer97 Completed

Lauren Jauregui, she is a member from Fifth Harmony and she is 20 years old. She haven't dated anyone in a while, she was focused on her career and focused on earning money for her family and herself. Her other bandmates are of course Camila, Dinah, Normani and Ally, they are her best friends, she loves them so much because they are supportive and really good friends. One day after the tour ends, the girls all went to their hometowns and spend time with their families. So Camila and Lauren went back to Miami, but then one day she went to the park since she just wanted to walk around. She liked that park because her, her siblings and dad always play in that park, so she goes there every time she comes home. 

Y/N Y/L/N, she is a college student and lives with her best friend Renee in an apartment. She is almost done with college though, so all she needed to do was find a job after she graduate. She is a huge fan of Fifth Harmony but she never really gets to meet them because she didn't have money for the meet and greets or the concert so she just watches them online. She has a huge crush on of course THE Lauren Jauregui from Fifth Harmony. One day she went to the park to just walk around and then noticed a pretty girl but then she realized it was her crush. 

What will happen to Lauren or Y/N? Will they meet? Read to find out.

LaurenJauregays LaurenJauregays Nov 22, 2016
I literally met her 10 minutes ago and we're practically wifes
TheSSCamrenShip TheSSCamrenShip Dec 02, 2016
Vercy 😭❤ this is the second fanfic I'm reading that has Vercy as a couple in it
hansensthighs hansensthighs Sep 12, 2016
Yeah you should keep writing, its unique unlike the same story lines with diffrent titles.
1Blue6 1Blue6 Oct 04, 2016
wbosbe wbosbe Dec 10, 2016
Uhho if this really happen' to me.I guess i'll pretend i didnt like her and make her she can be the first one make a move
Gearinhee Gearinhee Oct 30, 2016
Why is it always that people are borrowing each other's clothes? Like, I would never offer out my clothes to any one