you again//camren

you again//camren

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I'm a what? By MultiFandomsFreak Completed


I never forgot my first love. I just learnt to pretend everything was okay while I was breaking on the inside. I lost myself because the only person who was keeping me sane was gone. 
But when I finally moved on in my life, she came back. And I realized that she owned me all along. I was in love with her again but this time with millions of other consequences and struggles.

• • • • 

Won the Best Drama Fanfiction in The Harmos 2017.


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sweet_teee_ sweet_teee_ Jan 04
When someone loves you even though your messed up/going through it/depressed af!! Now that's a keeper
honestcxbello honestcxbello Sep 27, 2016
wait what so is it gonna be endgame or nah cause i went through heartbreak in life pf lies im not ready to endure pain like that again
snatchedtt snatchedtt Feb 05, 2017
honestly i get it. not everything ends in happily ever after and i love it when authors sometimes end it where a couple doesn't end up together bc that's just life. but this is camren we're talking about here. they break my heart everyday irl so i need them to be endgame in my world of fiction.
diggyandrews diggyandrews Dec 13, 2016
when all the camren fics u read one of them ends up dying so u turn into a clod hearted bitch
AnastasiaSmalls AnastasiaSmalls Sep 27, 2016
I swear I haven't even completed the first paragraph of the first chapter and I'm in tears... I had to come back just to make sure they were end game