you again//camren

you again//camren

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I never forgot my first love. I just learnt to pretend everything was okay while I was breaking on the inside. I lost myself because the only person who was keeping me sane was gone. 
But when I finally moved on in my life, she came back. And I realized that she owned me all along. I was in love with her again but this time with millions of other consequences and struggles.

• • • • 

Won the Best Drama Fanfiction in The Harmos 2017.


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purplepey_ purplepey_ Apr 06
it was a chapter 1 and already this heartbreaking 💔💔💔
Hailey5913 Hailey5913 Apr 15
I keep forgetting this actually happened to real people and I’m crying even more
xxmoon_lover xxmoon_lover 4 days ago
this literally made me cry because my ex cheated on me too and i wish someone could have done the same as Lauren did lmao
I understand Camila though because they aren't in America. It would be different if they were in miami and were moving to new York.
You all know this first chapter is going to be a mini background story and then Lauren will show up and turn her world around even tho she is married later
Have you all finished reading this stoey? I want to know if its good or no.. please tell me