Bad Girl VS The Alpha

Bad Girl VS The Alpha

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It's the same old stereotypically high school story. A new girl enters town and causes chaos, the only difference is that maybe the girl doesn't want a werewolf mate, maybe she doesn't even know of the existence of werewolves. What if she is confused and needs time that nobody will let her have. 

The Alpha hasn't found his mate yet but he's certain that once he does, he won't let her go, maybe she doesn't want that though.

Will the stubborn, outspoken, stunning girl want anything to do with the Alpha demanding that she is his when she doesn't even know him? And has someone else caught her eye? 


Ariana Summerson is a talented girl with a bad past when it comes to boys, she doesn't trust them and doesn't want anyone demanding that she is his, she's had all of that before but the real question is, will she be able to trust again or will she reject her mate?  

The past is going to come back again and it's not going to be pretty in any way. Ariana is learning that sacrifices and compromise can work so much more than running away. But what if running is all that she knows? 

Two stubborn people both wanting different things won't end well but he won't let her get away that quickly. 

He is the alphas son and soon to be alpha. He though she would be easy to get, that she would be just like the other girls throwing themselves all over him just to be the new Luna with the hottest mate in history. The real story is that he may be the one chasing her.

This luna has got some fight in her and she's gotta use it if she wants to survive everything. 

But other people are trying to get in the way? 

Is the alpha gonna have a mate in the end? 

Does Ariana even want a mate? 

Can Ariana trust Adam or will her trust be with someone else?

annalux annalux Sep 22, 2016
Hi i love your story!❤keep up the hard work ! 
                              Could you please read mine?
CourtneysWorld CourtneysWorld Apr 08, 2013
Thanks I know I've only just started writing this but I can't wait till its finished but not many people are reading it yet I need a way to let more people know about it
werewolfholics werewolfholics Apr 07, 2013
I would love to help you make the book cover to this book !!