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"Hey beautiful "a curly headed boy said behind me.   "Hi" ,call me daddy babe,                     Louis is new and kinda shy what will happen when he meets a green eye boy named Harry


Book 1

girlofmanynames girlofmanynames Jun 10, 2016
He whispered to his what stomach dick butt abbs nipple what causes RN Im picturing Harry sitting on the floor Whispering you're so beautiful to Louis foot
girlofmanynames girlofmanynames Jun 10, 2016
For this whole chapter in a British accent out loud to my brother
Noa_nn Noa_nn Sep 27, 2016
I like the idea of this story but your text is sometimes hard to read.. and you have really long sentences
I wish this is how it went in real life then no body would be single af
treasurelys treasurelys May 23, 2016 is he gonna punish someone he just met. He didn't ask him out or nothing...I would've been like boy if you don't get out my face with that YOU'RE gonna be sorry