Little Princess 🌸 Niam [AU]

Little Princess 🌸 Niam [AU]

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❤Robbi❤ By -NiamsDirection- Completed


[Nominated For Season 2 Bromance Awards @BandFictionAwards]

"little princess, would you like to be with me?"

"I barely know you, liam."

"that's okay, I'll show you every bit and piece of me, if you'd like?"

"I'm intrigued.."

"then come be with your daddy, little princess."


- - - - -

contains: boyxboy, Mpreg, girly!niall, kinks

Cover by: Erin

  • boyxboy
  • depression
  • drama
  • girly
  • harry
  • horan
  • horayne
  • kinks
  • larry
  • liam
  • louis
  • niall
  • niam
  • payne
  • slightbdsm
  • styles
  • tomlinson
sweetcreatre sweetcreatre Jul 11, 2017
What school sells coffee and tea to the students?? I wanna go to that school
AbbiOfficial_ AbbiOfficial_ Oct 19, 2017
He got the rose because Cheryl has a huge rose tattoo on her backside
How do they only have 5 classes and i have 7 and I'm in 8th grade😂
Larry_Gurl Larry_Gurl Apr 15, 2017
If these where my friends we would yell "looking like snack ni!"
eddie_carl eddie_carl Dec 07, 2017
I screamed wen i read parents think ive gone insane.
                              ....ih well
YabishJPG YabishJPG 6 days ago
Lol “is proud of being bi” “hides sexuality.” lmaooo pick one, Li.