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Louis pov "
Louis wake up now I'm not going to say it again " I woke up to my mom yelling at me to get up.well toady I am starting a new school what I like to call hell I just want to go back to sleep is it to much to ask."LOUIS"my mom yelled again 'fuck' I whispered 'I'm up' I yelled back to her I got out of my warm bed and walked into the bathroom to take a quick shower.when I got Out got ready and went down stairs to see my mom in the kitchen ,Morning Louis, my mom said And smiled at me. "Morning mom " I said to her she told that I had to go so I grabbed my bag and phone and left the house after I said goodbye to my mom.              -                                                          When I got to school I went the office to get my schedule from a lady and told a boy in the office to show me where my first class is."Hi I'm Liam" the said to me and smiled "Louis " I said back to him."this way" he told I followed him till he stopped in front of the the classroom and knocked on the door and someone yelled "come in " and Liam open the door and went in side me behind him. " hi this is Louis he is new here "Liam said to the teacher who nodded and Liam left the room.the teacher stood up and told and take a seat I found one near the in front a really hot guy he had green eyes and brown curly hair fuck that guy is hot I took a seat in front of him and started to listen to teacher but then a hot breath on my neck made me told around and saw the green eyed boy staring at then he started to speak "hey beautiful"

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