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Life With Zalfie (Sequel)

Life With Zalfie (Sequel)

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Undead Glory By Undead_Glory Updated 6 days ago

Remember Maya Deyes? She's a 16 year old british youtuber with a one million subscribers plaque. Her life before wasn't too exciting until the one and only internet famous Zalfie couple adopt her. 

This is a sequel to my other Zalfie book, so read that one first. This one is about Maya's new adventures, but you have to find out about her old ones before these ones :)

Adopted by Zalfie -Undead_Glory

#836 in fanfiction thankyou so much❤❤

butterflyz789 butterflyz789 2 days ago
I said aww after reading this and then everybody else said aww. Just shows how I fit into the youtube family
CareenaMZ CareenaMZ Sep 05, 2016
but i thought she came FROM canada , how did she come did she fly withher wings o somin??!!
maymaydeyes maymaydeyes Jul 12, 2016
Was Troye Sivan there or was a Christmas Ribban? 😂 haha I'm funny 😂 not really 🍑
maeve_dancer maeve_dancer Sep 05, 2016
cullinanegrace92 cullinanegrace92 Apr 05, 2016
I thought that Joe and Zoe had 18 months between them maybe I'm wrong
YouTube_Readings_ YouTube_Readings_ Jan 17, 2016
Classic dad move. I really wish I could meet zalfie, but they don't come near where I live :(