Trusting You {Joe Sugg Fanfiction}

Trusting You {Joe Sugg Fanfiction}

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Hello my name is Brooklyn and I'm 23! I was born in London but moved to Manchester when I was 8! I'm 5'3, I have long jet black hair and what some call crystal blue eyes, to me they are just blue. I'm moving back to London so i can spend more time with my BFF Zoe Sugg! Which means I get to spend more time with our youtube friends as well. Zoe and I went to primary school together, till I moved away. She is one of the only people i trust because I've been hurt in my life, mostly by men. My father left me and my mother when I was two so I don't remember much about it. Because of this I have trust and some commitment issues so I don't really date much, or at all really. But hey every girl should know you can't trust a boy.

*Please not this was written in 2013-2014!! This is a very "(British) Youtube Crew 2013" fanfic so a lot of our current faves are not in here! Just keep that in mind!

[ WARNING: This book has horrible grammar and spelling mistakes (I was 16 at the time sorry)! Also the Suggs have green eyes by accident so please don't complain about it in the comments and jut roll with it like I had to!xx ]

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Hello_angiiieee Hello_angiiieee May 04, 2017
Then a the "brother" thing will turn into "I like you" thing. 
                              This actually happened to me😂
-spideygoesthwip -spideygoesthwip May 13, 2017
There's never that one fan fic where Caspar is the weird one 😂😂 (no hate)
ChloeWebber7 ChloeWebber7 Nov 23, 2016
I thought this would happen and I am wondering what would Joe has done
Fawnestic Fawnestic Nov 06, 2016
I read "politely shoving him into the car" and was just like "definitely  polite" 😂
Fatbaby911 Fatbaby911 Nov 28, 2016
I don't think its homemade if its from a bakery. Am I wrong?
WhyyySooooSiriuuusss WhyyySooooSiriuuusss Dec 13, 2016
Let me just say this. "He's like my brother" almost always turns into "We're dating"