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Percy Jackson Fanfic of The Week

Percy Jackson Fanfic of The Week

14.5K Reads 584 Votes 12 Part Story
The PJO Community By pjocommunity Updated Sep 06, 2016

❝ Writing is like a sport - you only get better if you practice. ❞
- Rick Riordan

youngay youngay Jun 16, 2016
ABLAZE BY @berrylindsay
                              AND FLARES BY @artset 
                              ARE MY SH I T I LOVE THEM
                              [BOTH ARE LEO VALDEZ]
shadowMage21 shadowMage21 Jul 06, 2016
He will probably just change the title to make it a official story when it hits 50k
AnnabethJackson0000 AnnabethJackson0000 Dec 20, 2016
The Fatal Flaw, a 3 book series. The second book is A Pawn: The Final Hope, and the last book is called Reunited. IT'S AMAZING!
Robbie-Rotten Robbie-Rotten Oct 29, 2016
The forgotten hero by @chococookie1607 and it's sequel, the trapped souls are amazhang and so are The Avengers and Percy Jackson by @always_bookish as well as it's follow ups
Amelia_Vale Amelia_Vale Feb 27, 2016
@Chilea thank you! Then I suggest Hecate's Revenge by @Chilea and Atramentous by @IWrteFicNotTragedies
Leafspots Leafspots May 16, 2016
OOH, I KNOW TWO AMAZHANG (sorry I had to make that pun) STORIES!
                              "The Trident of the Sea" by -worldofworlds
                              "The Arrow of Light" by Neverlanded