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His Possession

His Possession

3.1M Reads 98.2K Votes 49 Part Story
Sophie Hayward By SophieHayward96 Completed

Book #1 of Taming The Beast Series.
    Amelia's life is turned upside down when she is kidnapped, tortured, then soon to be sold to a vampire when she comes of age.
    During an auction, she catches the eye of one vampire; Damon Gray. Damon is a very powerful, strong, and handsome, but tends to be cruel man.
    He feeds on her and punishes her when she does something wrong. But after all this, she admires him. He gave her food and shelter. He gave her a place to call home.
    As the days pass, Amelia begins to feel emotions she thought she would never feel; jealousy and love.
    Highest Rank: #1 In Vampire.

SOTkitten SOTkitten a day ago
I do the same thing just I don't see the point in searching through my bag the whole day just so I can read the board
XxStormsxX XxStormsxX Feb 19
lmao nobody can say shït these days without getting attacked by a bunch of triggered people; someone's always mad like goddamn, grow up
weirdestgirl123 weirdestgirl123 2 days ago
bruh... id just wear some jeans, a cool shirt, CONVERSE (oml best shoes ever) and then some light make up. Nothin' fan-cee
IAmGerardSoLoveMe IAmGerardSoLoveMe Nov 30, 2016
If my Richard dies in another wedding in this I'm gonna be ticked
U_Uwhatever U_Uwhatever 4 days ago
So nowadays when someone says the truth he's a slut shamer ? No wonder our world is so messed up ! 😑