The vampire King's young Mate

The vampire King's young Mate

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#5 in Vampire - 7/28/2017

In a world where humanity was lost because the superior race of vampires took over the inferior humans after coming out of hiding. 

It had been approximate 150 years since the vampires took control of the human world. 

The Vampire race was led by their one eternal king, William Montgomery considering a vampires' perpetual age.

William was a ladies man; after all, he thought he had a right to have every pleasure in the world since he was king but even if he was the strongest creature alive,  he was destined to a mate like any other average vampire. 

So what happens when his mate turns out to be a petty human but to top it all of only six years of age?

Since a young age,  Amelia, a polite yet Feisty personality, had been treated better than all the other kids at her slave home, she never knew why but when a controlling, possessive and dangerously handsome man takes her in, she finally understands everything.

Join Amelia and William on their emotional and crazy journey!

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lijanaj lijanaj Feb 16
Some of y'all comments are extremely childish, y would she make him do things to a child common sense should kick in automaticly and u should know she'd wait until the little girl is 18 before he sees her sexually
Umm.. its actually SOUL-mate, just edit it as soon as possible alright?
I'm pretty sure if I was a vampire I would have grey/silver hairs. like my hair already started to turn grey/silver when I was 5 and now I'm a 15 year old with salt and pepper hair (my hair is black/dark brown so it's pretty noticeable)
AtticInTheSky AtticInTheSky a day ago
Ugh last time I got the blood of my victim on my Arabian silk it never came out. I had to use my Egyptian silk until I could get new ones smh
how many more years do you need before you life life to the fullest dude ?😂😂😂😂😂
LazyLuna1 LazyLuna1 6 days ago
dang, you can't dress yourself? damn i wish i was like you but that's just straight up lazy.