The Coach's Daughter

The Coach's Daughter

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Anna Mason loves soccer. Her father coaches both the boys' and the girls' teams at her high school. Because of this, she's at the boys practices everyday, playing with them most of the time. 

Charlie Baker's family just moved to Salem, Indiana. He's been waiting to tryout for the boys' soccer team ever since they arrived.

While Anna knows her father's rule, Charlie doesn't even know it exists. What will happen when the rule is tempted to be broken?

A love story full of humor, trustworthy friends, and just a little bit of a twist.

*this story is unedited, please excuse the grammar and punctuation mistakes*

ranked #551 in teen fiction on 11/21/16

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Imma imagine Nike hoodie black leggings addidas shoes (my hoes) and messy and bun or ponytail
                              Now how bou dah
This kid in my language arts class had a conversation with the teacher about spray on butter😂😂
Lmao why does everyone want jeans lieke every wattpad chick wear them chill
ebarron17 ebarron17 Sep 08
Get rid of the fedora and the combat boots and it's all good. Nothing against combat boots I just think the look weird with shorts.
ilykei ilykei 19 hours ago
how about a PINK maroon hoodie, ripped jeans, and my faves; checkered Vans. What i wear everyday tbh 😩
This girl makes me cringe more and more, am I the only one here?