Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone

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"I'd always liked my life. It was quiet, under control, and routine. Then he came along and showed me how much more there was, how much more I was."

Snarky, sarcastic, seventeen-year-old Henley Baker was living life entirely within her comfort zone, but she didn't mind. She was completely content with simply existing.

Enter Rhett Novel.

 When Henley meets Rhett things quickly begin to spiral out of control. He's loud, annoying, and seemingly out to ruin her life. Or is he? 

After a series of wild adventures, new experiences, and life-changing discoveries, can Henley do the most outrageous thing of all? Can she fall in love?


Writer17x Writer17x Aug 09
Ooohh! This sounds interesting!! I am so excited to read this book! 😀💕
gwritesxo gwritesxo Jul 28
Really great start! I personally struggle with Prologues so I love reading stories where the author rocks the intro or prologue! Great job
                              Sorry I'm a grammar nerd, but I will give an honest comment :)
Wow! This is such an original way to start a story!!! Awesome trailer!
The way you worded this drew me in from the moment I read this! It's not just ordinary, it's extraordinary! 😀
iamsam_12 iamsam_12 Sep 28
Today's September 28, 2016! What a coincidence that I started reading this today! XD