Sang and the Sorensons

Sang and the Sorensons

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Komila By Peridotty2003 Completed

The seven year old girl stood in the Foster Care Center with her dirty blonde hair and big green eyes.

She had tears in those green eyes while the counselor tried to soothe her. The Johnsons hadn't wanted her. She was going to be relocated once again.

She was told the Sorensons were good people. They were lying as always.

She sighed and satarted walking towards the meeting room with her small backpack. Her backpack didn't include much. A pair of clothes and Rememberances. Little tokens with the family's names indented on them. They are all the families' that Fostered you.

She eleven inculding the Johnsons.

As she walked through the Meeting Rooms door, a woman, man, and a girl all stood up.

She knew they didn't stand up for her, they all stood up for the manager that had come through the doors, accompanying her.

They introduced themselves and sat down once again to talk.

She remained standing at the door. The family noticed this and waved her over. She smiled happily, maybe thi...