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The story of Andy, a young Academy bird, following her journey through life and a past which only served to make her strong.

Read as she deals with her own demons, while helping another broken Academy Team deal with their own loss.  

Together, Andy and the Toma team help each other put back together the pieces of their lives.  Can they learn to trust each other?  Can they learn to love again?  Or will the risk to their hearts and minds be too much for them to bear.

Fractured ... A story of love, loss and hope.

Disclaimer: This story is based on The Academy series. It features some of my own characters as well as those depicted by C L Stone in the Scarab Beetle and Ghost Bird series. I do not own anything from Scarab Beetle or Ghost Bird and am making no monetary gain from my writing.

"She" I will forever refer to her simply as "she" from now on. Yes, this is my new head canon. "She" has no name. 😁
Pikanagel Pikanagel Aug 21
That is interesting.  Usually ff has him leaving to join Mindy and not having Mindy able to join Academy.
I love Gabe's cameo, and look forward to her meeting the Toma team.
anon2404 anon2404 Aug 21
The bovine empress broke the boys ... I'm so glad she's gone.  Seriously, good start.  Looking forward to more.
K_Williams1 K_Williams1 Aug 21
Very good!  I'm excited to see how the Toma team reacts to her.  I'm sure that if her ex ever showed up now, that she would be able to take him down.
Pikanagel Pikanagel Aug 21
You just threw this line in there so the naughty birds would start drooling, didn't you?