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The story of Andy, a young Academy bird, following her journey through life and a past which only served to make her strong.

Read as she deals with her own demons, while helping another broken Academy Team deal with their own loss.  

Together, Andy and the Toma team help each other put back together the pieces of their lives.  Can they learn to trust each other?  Can they learn to love again?  Or will the risk to their hearts and minds be too much for them to bear.

Fractured ... A story of love, loss and hope.

Disclaimer: This story is based on The Academy series. It features some of my own characters as well as those depicted by C L Stone in the Scarab Beetle and Ghost Bird series. I do not own anything from Scarab Beetle or Ghost Bird and am making no monetary gain from my writing.

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She knows that without even meeting them yet? Does everyone know this about the twins?
HorrorMuse HorrorMuse Oct 17, 2017
Because of all these fan fictions I've been reading I've been referring to people as birds and dogs which leads to weird looks from family
Ahhh Kevin, I've ready to many different variations of his life with Mindy.
Tf does professional Russian mean? 😂😂 I know it's a reference to the books but why would she say that to Roberts? 😂😂😂
SincerelyAQueen SincerelyAQueen 3 days ago
How much money has Raven payed to get ‘professional russian’ on his resume?
flocka_84 flocka_84 Mar 28, 2017
Awesomeness. I really disliked Kaylee but love the guys so they def. need a new girl. 😊