Let Me Fix You  (Ticci Toby x Reader)

Let Me Fix You (Ticci Toby x Reader)

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Darkdoll7 By Darkdoll7 Updated Feb 27

All my life I've been mistreated and bullied. I was ready to give up until a certain encounter changed everything.

Fabalishes Fabalishes Apr 09
My names not Anna Beth But just for the fun of it I'll call her trump 😂😂😂
Oh I'm sorry!! But last time I checked YOUR IN MY FACE!!!!!!! (⋋▂⋌) ❦
Fabalishes Fabalishes Apr 09
                              Slendy: *kills me*
                              Dying me:  that's ok I'll just haunt yo aśs :33
                              Slendy: *facepalm*
Nope, nope, nope ,nope,nope die in a hole slender die in a HOLE!!
oh sorry. I thought you were giving yourself a pep talk in front of a mirror... -_-
Mischticat Mischticat Jun 12
I'm not a child! *pouts like a child even though, in best friend's words, "an angsty, mental teen"*