Soul eater boys x reader // ON HOLD

Soul eater boys x reader // ON HOLD

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Welcome to hell By probably_an_idiot Updated Mar 08, 2017

You used to live a normal life. But since your father was a demon weapon, you were sent to the DWMA. You meet tons of friends, but you still can't fully transform. When you finally succeed, you find out something shocking, that could be important, and potentially dangerous. You have to learn how to control your new ability, and furthermore, how not to cause harm with it.

Disclaimer: The only characters I own are Meg, and the various students of class crescent moon

Cover by @fandomgeneration

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EdensBeautifulGarden EdensBeautifulGarden Apr 17, 2016
Me: *panting as I walk up the stairs* Why..... didn't..... they..... make an...... ELEVATOR!!!!!!
ihtthisaxx ihtthisaxx Apr 03, 2016
blue monkey and symmetrical freak so that leaves you with the cool dude
GirlGoneTwisted GirlGoneTwisted Apr 02, 2016
I went too!! Fall Out Boy is one of my favorite Artists! (As in music wise ^^)
MissMarvel1230 MissMarvel1230 Mar 02, 2016
Omg, I love how you added a questioning comment and reason instead if just saying "Oh, you'll be in the class that   requires the highest skill set just because you can do it!" It was a really cool incorporate.
- - May 06, 2016
Tbh, irl I would freak out and run away from Soul thinking he was a r@ppist planning to lock me in his basement for eternity 😅
kindlegrayce kindlegrayce Jun 28, 2016
When mama says you'll grow to like soul no pun intended 😏