An AmeIta Fanfic:: I Want You To Smile For Me...

An AmeIta Fanfic:: I Want You To Smile For Me...

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Italy was kidnapped once again by the allies. America, however, hadn't known until his friends dropped by with the Italian. France had lured in the oblivious boy at the previous world meeting, and the other three captured him so they could get whatever it was they wanted from Germany and Japan. They locked the poor Italian nation in America's basement. For weeks, the Allies would go down to the American's basement and torture Italy for information, but Italy refused to crack, unlike the last few times they took him. America felt terrible, so while his allies weren't paying any notice, he would take care of Italy. It had taken a while, but he got the smaller man to talk, and even longer to get him to smile...

I don't own Hetalia, or the characters!! I do own the plotline, and thank you for reading

WARNING!!:Yaoi smut, so if you don't like it, don't read it!

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Kawaii_Italia23 Kawaii_Italia23 Jul 27, 2016
Another Italian with Romano? That must be Seborga!!! You included Seborga!!!:D
kagayeyama kagayeyama Oct 03, 2016
how could u say that America's a huge softie he wouldnt do that