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Do you know how to Babysit? (Hetalia x Child Reader Fanfic)

Do you know how to Babysit? (Hetalia x Child Reader Fanfic)

188K Reads 7.8K Votes 26 Part Story
Liz By SoldiersAngel1999 Completed

A little girl, who gets a little too curious for her own good, sneaks into her older sister's room and watches "Hetalia" without permission. For doing this, the young child ends up in Hetalia where she has deal with these strange grown men, pasta, war, and worst of all France and Prussia! Will she survive? Find out. (First ever Hetalia fanfic so please don't be mean about it!)

I honestly don't see how hetalia is bad 😂
                              Hell I watch it with my younger siblings around all the time
SmollWeirdo SmollWeirdo Jul 13
(S/F): "Don't watch any more hetalia til I get back, okay?"
                              Me: Okay!
                              *(S/F) closes door*
                              *Me: imidietly gets the remote*
I'd love to go into hetalia 😂 hell 5 year old me would love to be with Italy
Opinionizer Opinionizer Jul 07
Lol I just ——
                              England: So my dear, what's your name?
                              Me: Name.
FelineFactor357 FelineFactor357 7 days ago
Nah, don't worry Germ-boy. I'm more of an odd mixture between Austria, England and Prussia.
-jumps out of Americas arm and run to Italy,screaming-PASTAAAAAAAAA