Keep Fighting Natsu [Nalu]

Keep Fighting Natsu [Nalu]

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"Natsu please... Pull yourself together!" Lucy screamed. Natsu looked at Lucy, then away. "Please Natsu, don't let him control you!" Natsu now looked at lucky with anger. 

"Lucy watch out!" Shouted Gray.  Erza launched towards Natsu, but when she swung at him he grabbed it then sent her flying backwards into into the wall of metal. 

"He's so strong..." Gray said in shock. "Looks like he was strong enough to take out Erza with one hit! It's amazing because she's a S-Class wizard." Lucy's blood went stone cold as Natsu faced there direction. He stood there for a few seconds, then his expression turned evil. He started running towards Lucy with incredible speed. Gray noticed this and right when he was about to hit her, Gray stepped in front taking the hit. Lucy rushed towards gray and kneeled beside him. He managed to let out a few words before loosing conciseness.
"Your the only.... One... Who can save him."  
Tears were falling from her eyes. She nodded and stood up. 
"Natsu, I will save you."

Impractical_Fairy Impractical_Fairy Sep 01, 2016
Remind me magic sheep aren't real next time I find a job about them
No one noticed the blood, that's the first thing I would notice.
FinalHeart4 FinalHeart4 Aug 04, 2016
Remind me never again to believe in stuff like Magic sheep or Pigs... 😂
BookwormSid1015 BookwormSid1015 Jun 11, 2016
I recommend checking your work, revising and editing your chapters before publishing them. I saw a few sentences without quotation marks. Keep up the good work!
bigredsara bigredsara Apr 10, 2016
This went from 0-100 REALLY quickly XD
                              That's a good thing by the way.
Delaineyedwards Delaineyedwards Jul 19, 2016
Virgin?! Virgo is the Maid! Open Gate of The Maid, Virgo! Is what she says