Signum Vitalis (a dramione story)

Signum Vitalis (a dramione story)

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Sam F Parker By samfparker Updated 4 days ago

Haunted by the war, Hermione attends a Healer school in America to try to escape it all. Instead, she runs into Draco Malfoy (literally). 

She is already busy battling her ghosts and struggling to gain back a normal life, but he also seems to be fighting his own demons. Unfortunately, they both have too much history to see the other's scars, let alone realize they might be one of the few who could truly help the other heal.

What must they go through before either one admits it?

[Updates about once a month.]

livingbythebook livingbythebook 4 days ago
I'm going to start to tell people that I've met to call me by my last name now
EvaOwl02 EvaOwl02 Mar 19
How do you know somebody's a pureblood? Don't worry, they will let you know...😂
livingbythebook livingbythebook 4 days ago
Boi she didn't get even start explaining *rolls eyes* how daft can you be?
lyramalfoy_ lyramalfoy_ Jun 04
                              Anyway, Draco was not only slapped. It was more like being punched in the 3rd year
Fleurdelys21 Fleurdelys21 Aug 07, 2015
Hey, just want to wish you luck posting here! Keep with your update schedule and you should gain some readers. It can be slow at first, but should eventually pick up.