Out of Focus #SYTYCW15 Top10 Finalist! [COMPLETED]

Out of Focus #SYTYCW15 Top10 Finalist! [COMPLETED]

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♕ Khaleesi ♕ By FallonDeMornay Completed

***A WATTPAD FEATURED NOVEL Dec 1st, 2015***

EVA TURNER's a single-mom in witness protection hoping to start over and establish lifelong roots on Haven Island. But things get complicated when her small-scale photography business goes viral.

MARSHALL DAVIES is a world-weary investigative journalist (suffering PTSD) with his eye on a coveted promotion that will get him out of the field (and line of fire). He's exposed terrorists and slippery politicians; a single-mother should be child's play.

While passion blooms, and her past closes in, Eva has to somehow elude the spotlight (and charismatic Marshall) or risk losing not only her new life/identity, but custody of her girls.

OUT OF FOCUS was a Top 10 finalist in Harlequin's So You Think You Can Write contest for 2015 . In January 2016,  RT Book Reviews deemed OOF as one of the Top 3 books on Wattpad and an excerpt was also recently featured in Cosmopolitan's online magazine.(February 2016). 

Dedicated to anyone who is or has walked in Eva's shoes. I hope you've found your Haven. (And Marshall!!) :)

All rights belong to the author and no reproductions are allowed without express permission from @FallonDeMornay. Please respect the author's copyright, otherwise she will hunt you down with a samurai sword.

Beautifully written and a great storyteller which helps to visualize everything perfectly thank you xx
nitz003 nitz003 Jul 19
Wow...just wow. Hands down, the best book trailer I've ever seen 😍
We have a lot in Canada too - prob because we're connected to the Brits 😊
Have to say i started reading another book here on wattpad and the way it was written was appaling, full of spelling mistakes etc. But you lady have a talent,  what a beautifully written first chapter!!
breaker99 breaker99 May 02
This was written amazingly well and I look forward to reading more!
love the start already. i can totally relate to the psynus headache btw haha