Bridesmaid Lotto (USA Today bestselling author)

Bridesmaid Lotto (USA Today bestselling author)

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Rachel Astor By rachelastor Completed

Josephine McMaster is pretty and smart, but very much a klutzy mess. Finally, at 26, she may have actually lost the dreaded 'McMaster the Disaster' nickname that has followed her around her whole life. 

Josie's quite content to be single, much to her mother's disappointment. So when a bizarre contest is announced where a socialite is holding a lottery to pick her bridesmaids (and rake in a little extra cash), she can't roll her eyes fast enough, even if it does mean meeting Jake Hall, her one and only movie star crush. Obviously, Josie doesn't enter the bridesmaid lottery, so you can imagine her surprise when her picture pops up among the winners, thanks to Mom. With a little prodding -- okay bribing -- Josie agrees to participate. 

The wedding turns into the event of the year, and Josie finds herself in the middle of a paparazzi feeding frenzy, which gets even crazier after Jake Hall takes a special interest in her. 

Can Josie handle the pressure in the spotlight? Is it possible she might really have a chance with Jake Hall? And if she's busy worrying about all that, how in the heck is she going to keep 'McMaster the Disaster' from showing up in front of the entire world?

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Saditte Saditte May 31, 2017
I wish I looked good in dresses 🙁 but because of my body type most dresses either won't fit me correctly or I look like a bad hooker.
Four years ago.. hmmm doesnt tht sound like aomeone i kw.. hmmm MAA
MrsTesfayeXOTWOD MrsTesfayeXOTWOD Jul 28, 2017
I thought it was gonna be Callie that had entered her but I guess not
winged_shadow winged_shadow Mar 28, 2017
That's exactly what I tell my friends and that's exactly what they reply.
msnoraliza msnoraliza Sep 15, 2017
Rachelastor, you are truly the best writer.  I love your story.
Lovaboo17 Lovaboo17 Aug 10, 2017
They're not :( , I've seen sooo many HOT guys that turned out to be gay and it's NOT fair cuz the rest of us deserves a chance.