Her Temporary Bodyguard

Her Temporary Bodyguard

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T. M. Burnstad By tmburnstad Completed

If you want someone found, Logan Gilbert is the man to call. It was easy enough to find his best friend's sister. Keeping her safe turns out to be more complicated. Someone clearly wants Tara Barclay dead. The question was who... and why?

 Tara thought her brother was dead. Now a man shows up claiming that Jason sent him, and someone keeps trying to kill her. She thinks she knows who might be after her, but as her brother's secrets start to unravel, Tara realizes that her handsome bodyguard might not be enough to keep her alive.

(submission for Harlequin Romance's #SYTYCW15)

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booksaremylife_1307 booksaremylife_1307 Jan 27, 2017
Is it just me or is the chapter incomplete. It just say 'she ' and then finish...
tmburnstad tmburnstad Oct 02, 2015
Thank you. 100 words was tricky but I'm pleased that it worked.
MorrighansMuse MorrighansMuse Aug 24, 2015
Love this first chapter! I was wondering if this would have made an excellent end to the chapter as you have both of them introduced - and boy, what an introduction! It sizzled - and we all need to catch our collective breath. Or at least I do.
ShelleyIn ShelleyIn Aug 11, 2015
Brilliant first chapter!  Very easy to read and very believable.
LeahMaser LeahMaser Aug 06, 2015
Love the premise! I hope you do well this year--you've got the hook!
melitajoy melitajoy Jul 29, 2015
This is a great story.  Normally I go for the Italian  or Greek  billionaire type of romance.  However, you have me hooked already! Great first chapter.