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Livingtheordinary By forever_emison Completed

Alison returns home after being gone for 2 years.
all of the girls are back from new york after Aria killed Shana Fring.
Alison has a secret nobody knows. a secret that could've ruined her "Queen Bee" reputation back in the day but now that's all over. she knows that she is in love with the one and only Emily Catherine Fields.
Will Alison finally tell emily what she has been holding in all these years?
Does emily still love alison?
will fate bring them together or is the slope too treacherous?
find out in my new emison fanfiction: Treacherous

GirlInLoveWithGirl GirlInLoveWithGirl Feb 27, 2016
This is like a complete copy of the episode, apart from the shower. The things they say and that are the same
rebexter99 rebexter99 Jan 13, 2016
Realization she loves Alison and is 100% positive about it after seeing pigskins ugly face xxx
Julia-SGE123 Julia-SGE123 Dec 21, 2015
I like your writing style. But one question.  Your mother tongue is english,right? Because I would like to get my englisch better.
paulineishak paulineishak Dec 06, 2015
Hahahahahaba did not see that coming!! Lmao.. Where is this gonna go?! No clue.