Teach Me Levi

Teach Me Levi

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Eren Jaeger was taken away at a young age . The last memory he has of his old life was of his mother. Eren was hide away from the outside world and taken to a place called Survey Corps . They took test on Eren because he was special. 

Eren was known as what society calls .
A Genetic Hybrid. He has the ability to control someone's thoughts with his mind and he can do many other incredible things. All Eren truly desires is to go into the outside world and be free . 

Eren chose to be mute because he didn't trust anyone at all.... Until he met a certain Raven haired man.

Demon straight......... demon straight....... is Levi straight?...... no way in hell!!....... black butler?....... no......... [40 minutes later]...... what could it be....... OH DEMONSTRATE!!!!! IM SO STUPID!!!!! This is what i just went through right now.
I can't even... His shortness is what makes him even more awesome than he already is. It makes him a unique character.
I think the author meant demonstrate. Give them a break, it really hard to find every single spelling error on something. I know I've done it.
Eren? Best best behavior? 
                              I've never heard those words together
Demon that is anything but straight? Are you referring to Sebastian?
StaticCraze StaticCraze Sep 03
Surprise motherfucker. He gots the demon powers, bewareeeee~