Sasaki Senna My Way of Life

Sasaki Senna My Way of Life

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Sasaki-Chan By sasaki_Senna Completed

Sasaki Senna, a bounty hunter. She lost her family and was saved by non other than Itachi.

He train her to be a ninja and left her to survive the cruel world of Shinobi.

She was then found by Kakashi when she got hurt during her usual bounty hunting.

She stayed there... And bond with everyone... She found a brother, a father, a granpa and even a lover....

Slowly her wall start breaking.

But maybe she shouldn't have let her guard down at all... Because... She'll have to go through so much of hardship and heartbreaking event...

[A/N: I do not own Naruto in whatsoever way, Only Kishimoto-sensei does]

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spookishima spookishima Aug 29, 2017
Honestly same because it's really hard to talk to people my age since they're most of the time immature.
MadTeaParties MadTeaParties Apr 16, 2017
"These darn teenagers, always talking about their swag their bruhs." (I say in my best old man voice) like that
Zaecat3 Zaecat3 Oct 24, 2017
“She raps her left arm in bandages to cover up some scars” eyyyy I do that with sleeves 
                              If you get that I’m sorry 🙃🔫
Opalian_Forever Opalian_Forever May 29, 2017
Kurobara? As in Black Rose?? I've watched too many anime to know the translations
RoyalJello RoyalJello Feb 13, 2017
Dude great ideas so far, but I just feel like saying something....WHATS WITH NARUTO FANFICTION AND WOLVES!!!!
XxInspiredByAnimexX XxInspiredByAnimexX Sep 16, 2016
True, there is a fanfic with an OC that coughs up blood if she didn't take her medication, but I guess you just had the same idea, since this one probably came first anyway.