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The Uchiha's Toy || FullbusterFic » vonlane

The Uchiha's Toy || FullbusterFic » vonlane

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UsurperVon By vonlane Completed

First part:
     Ever since Deidara joined the Akatsuki, he's only been a toy for the organization, tortured and abused by everyone. His hopes fall on Itachi Uchiha, the one at fault for having to live this way, for having to feel so much hate and yet... the one at fault for starting to fall in love with him. When he's sure he's in love with Itachi Uchiha, his brother Sasuke Uchiha appears to once again make Deidara's life hell, in the end making him... a simple toy used for the Uchiha's entertainment because between brothers, everything is shared, including toys.

Second part: 
     After helping his brother take down the organization and escape with Deidara, Sasuke is reunited with Naruto, who manages to capture him and bring him back to the village. Sasuke is convinced that he will be killed  there for being a traitor- an S Class criminal. Even still, he tries to tell Naruto his feelings while the blond refuses to accept what he feels, each time hurting Sasuke's heart. Will Naruto realize his feelings towards Sasuke before they kill his team mate?


A Naruto fanfiction: ItaDei & NaruSasuNaru

I have permission from the author to translate and post this.

Original Story by @FullbusterFic || find it at:

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June 3O, 2O16 - Sept. 23, 2O16

Toboewolfy Toboewolfy Feb 20
It's Kazumi.She's going to crush Hidan until he's just a red spot on the carpet.
Y00nbum5Dild0 Y00nbum5Dild0 Jul 27, 2016
I've only read naruto up to like 400 chapters, and I've forgotten everything... but Sasunaru is cute so...
Toboewolfy Toboewolfy Nov 05, 2016
The person checking to see if Deidara is ok is me,Kazumi.I'm taking him away from everyone!also i just flattened the entire akatsuki
- - Jun 26, 2016
Me: bored
                              Wattpad: @vonlane published a new story
                              Me: suddenly not bored
alinktomyroom alinktomyroom Jun 28, 2016
Hey @sasukeuchihadesu  , I dare you to read this. 😏 so much happiness and joy. You'll love it.
kuurtaa kuurtaa Dec 24, 2016
wait, would having séx with kisame be bestiality?