Sorrowful Lullaby (A Tokyo Ghoul Fanfic)

Sorrowful Lullaby (A Tokyo Ghoul Fanfic)

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kanekixayatoo By kanekixayatoo Updated Nov 28

Sainara is no ordinary girl. She has very strong senses that no ordinary human could have. She has been living in a world full of lies, but can she get through these obstacles? Or will she give in to the darkness and accept her dark self?

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Tokyo ghoul nor Dragon Nest. I only own a few of the charactes in the fanfic.

PS: THIS IS A TOKYO GHOUL + FANTASY FANFIC. I'm adding bits of Dragon Nest's storyline into this fanfic. Dragon Nest is a free online MMORPG game. check it out if you want

If you like LeeandLie, check out Jubyphonic. She also does this cover and I think it's just as good