don't forget about me | ethan cutkosky

don't forget about me | ethan cutkosky

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"Ethan, promise me one thing."


"Promise you won't forget about me."

"I won't. I promise. Pinky promise."

Our nine year old pinkie fingers joined together and we both smiled, thinking we'd be friends forever.

*if you see anyone copying this story, please message me immediately. i came up with the ideas in this story on my own, and i know you can too :)*

marygbright marygbright Dec 30, 2016
They had their first kiss before I've dated someone, lmao. 
                              I'm single af
miaacostaaa_ miaacostaaa_ Dec 12, 2016
Yoour parents can afford a flight to Australia every summer but you can't go to California one time