Coach's Daughter

Coach's Daughter

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Love Is Endless♥️ By Love_IsEndless Completed

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"Lillian Marie Faye get your butt over here right this second," Dad said firmly. Something tells me I'm about to get yelled at.

"Yes Daddy?"I say slowly, turning around to face him. Holding back the urge to run to my room and hide from him. 

Dad walks over to me, placing his hands on my shoulders; looking me dead in the eye, "I don't want you around Luke anymore."

I lower my head. Why couldn't he have held off on yelling at me until tomorrow. He couldn't have let me have tonight? I remained silent.

"I can tell you like him, but honey, I promise you there are other guys. Other guys that are your age...or at least closer. Just not a senior." Dad sighs, pulling me into a hug. "You know I love you Lilly."

I bite my lip and slowly hug him back. "I love you too dad," I slowly mumble.

This was not how I picture my night ending.


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AlisaYF AlisaYF Nov 25
When you don't live in America so you don't know wtf everyone is talking bout and you can't relate
AlisaYF AlisaYF Nov 25
I want to tackle someone without having any people complaining so..
Being 3 years apart doesn't matter.. I'm dating a 17 year old and I'm 14
And probably soon to be ....(I can't remember her name) best friend
AlisaYF AlisaYF Nov 25
They are talking about Rugby right? I mean, yeah, he could die.
AlisaYF AlisaYF Nov 25
I don't think you could hear a pin drop because coach is fcking screaming, and grass is soft so...