Pinky Promise [joshler]

Pinky Promise [joshler]

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Dejah By -mansionz Completed

"Promise me that you'll always love me, josh."

He hooked his pinky with mine and smiled,

"I pinky promise."

(lowercase intended)

                              When you're the only person who doesn't agree with everyone
                              (BUT I DO LOVE JENNA! NO HATE....she's not my queen tho....Shane's already my queen....)
barakrap barakrap Jul 10
is it bad that the second i saw ur name my mind pronounced it as "dehah"
Homosexuals? Ew wtf
                              *hides pride flags and rainbow stickers* what even is homosexual 
                              *unsubs from milescronicals*
                              Pshh what?
kinky-ryan kinky-ryan Jul 19
that's too much homosexuals????? I don't think I can do that let me cancel
Whoever didn't expect homosexual relations came to the wrong place 😂
iRapunzel-5 iRapunzel-5 Jul 30
Thx for warning fren. IM READY TO ENTER THE WORLD OF LE BOOK!!!