The Bad Boy Brothers

The Bad Boy Brothers

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Aardvarks Rule By aardvarks_ Updated Jan 12, 2017

Previously The Bad Boy In Love


After Tori Blacks parents died in a freak car accident, she moves to America to live with her alcoholic Uncle.

After arriving she meets the mysterious bad boy and his brothers and friends, notoriously know throughout the town. 

As she befriends them she realises that maybe she feels more than friendship towards Aiden Miller. 

But is the bad boy as bad as everyone says?


Warning. Prologue is terrible but it gets better!! 

Just to say, it's unedited so there may be some grammar and speelling mistakes.

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averiallWallace averiallWallace Dec 31, 2017
Get up danny 
                              Get up danny boy
                              Cause the world has left you lying on the ground
N-A-M-E-L-E-S-S N-A-M-E-L-E-S-S Nov 23, 2016
Couldn't she live with her brother because he is nineteen and you have to be 18 to have custody of a minor in England
peachysundays peachysundays Feb 21, 2017
Anybody else notice that she said that it was the start of October and her uncle said they would be leaving in three weeks on October 14th? That would be two weeks at most
dontjudgeme123456 dontjudgeme123456 Jul 11, 2016
Oh Danny Boy
                              The pipes the pipes are calling
                              From glen to glen
                              And down the mountain side
                              The summer's gone
                              And all the -
                              Yeah i know that song!!!
Alpha_Midnight Alpha_Midnight Sep 23, 2016
Are the police cars in England different than our Canadian ones? I mean to me it seems mighty silly to give a criminal the ability to open the door