The Jerks tried to tame me!

The Jerks tried to tame me!

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Batool By Living4Now00 Updated Jun 09, 2017

Avery was not your typical 17 year old girl. She was reckless, she was rude and she was completely badass. 

After getting kicked out of more schools than she can remember, Avery's mum draws the line. She sends her away to her childhood friends house in hopes that she can change her ways. 

Usually Avery wouldn't give two craps about her mothers arrangements but now she has to move to a new country?!

That's not the worst part though. She has to live with 5 charming boys. Four being players and the other a cutie! Lets get one thing straight, Avery doesn't open up to people this easily and she wasn't planning on now.

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Fück that if my mum sent me America to live with her friend I’d be like yeah sure I’ll see you in a week and then I’ll be back home down at the beach
StarbucksLatte123 StarbucksLatte123 Nov 14, 2017
Lol my mom has 5 boys and 3 girls (not including me ) but 2 of them are adopted
MusicByNight MusicByNight Jul 31, 2017
Oh did your mum not tell you. Oh by the way guys she didn't spell mum wrong. In some countries like Australia and New Zealand they spell mum with a U not an O
chloehearts7 chloehearts7 Nov 24, 2017
Can this girl be my bestie I'm so like that like boi don't touch me
suhhpreme suhhpreme Aug 03, 2017
Okay finally someone who thinks they are ugly when they're not
zbella3 zbella3 Oct 20, 2017
This girl need to shut up thats the most stupid thing I heard