The Kings Mate

The Kings Mate

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Mason is King.... Well almost. But he's trying to get the role. But the only thing he need to get this amazing roll is a mate. And when he can't find his he starts to get worried. 

Malia is a human, she moved from New York to Virginia. She will go to a school that consist of mainly werewolves. Which may be a little different from her old one where everyone is a human. 

And when worlds collide and these two polar opposites meet, well you'll just have to read to find out 


Okay, this is not a sequel to Rejected at first sight, but more of a what happens after. So if you have not read Rejected at first sight don't worry you can still read this. But take a look at the book that started it all. You might just like it.

(their is a chapter that can make some readers uncomfortable. But just a little bit. probably nothing you haven't seen in a tv show or movie)

I haven't started this book yet, but you can install Grammarly that will take care of grammar problems for you. It's free, and I use it for my stories. Hope that this might help! :)
Why does she have to say it like that. She could said Im the werewolf queen of the country. Or "Sorry sweetie but the spot that I am in holds a lot of responsibility
what? That sentence doesn't make sense. My mom's here all the time but never enough time?  So she's there all the time which means she's there frequently. So your just being ungrateful
Dmehundrew Dmehundrew Jul 29
And 37. She's making it seem like 37 is too old to work a lot.
Abrasaks Abrasaks Sep 10
You got that right. I was watching cute fan meeting moments last night and I woke up with the worst pain in my throat.
                              I found your Book, and it's really good. I Love it. 
                              I'm just reading German Books, and These are Really i found your book.
                              It's Perfect!
                              Greets from Austria 💓☺️✌🏻