The Kings Mate

The Kings Mate

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Mason is King.... Well almost. But he's trying to get the role. But the only thing he need to get this amazing roll is a mate. And when he can't find his he starts to get worried. 

Malia is a human, she moved from New York to Virginia. She will go to a school that consist of mainly werewolves. Which may be a little different from her old one where everyone is a human. 

And when worlds collide and these two polar opposites meet, well you'll just have to read to find out 


Okay, this is not a sequel to Rejected at first sight, but more of a what happens after. So if you have not read Rejected at first sight don't worry you can still read this. But take a look at the book that started it all. You might just like it.

(their is a chapter that can make some readers uncomfortable. But just a little bit. probably nothing you haven't seen in a tv show or movie)

  • highschool
  • human
  • king
  • mate
  • werewolf
Stephanie_McKenzie Stephanie_McKenzie Dec 08, 2017
Blink 182 die in a plane crash years ago sorry random fact but yea
Dmehundrew Dmehundrew Jul 29, 2017
And 37. She's making it seem like 37 is too old to work a lot.
Abrasaks Abrasaks Sep 10, 2017
You got that right. I was watching cute fan meeting moments last night and I woke up with the worst pain in my throat.
whatevercomesmyway whatevercomesmyway Jul 29, 2017
That's so me. I talk to my crush and he's like weirdo. While I'm like did I really just say that, what do I do, DEATH. X_X
Useless1129 Useless1129 Jan 22, 2017
" I Uh I Uh I Uh I Uh I Uh I Uh... does this make me seem attractive?"
jackieshabradley jackieshabradley Jan 21, 2017
Yeah yeah she's prefect the the the way she is