Claim what's MINE

Claim what's MINE

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***What would you do, if you find your mate, and its turn out she is HUMAN?***

Matthew Dust is the further Alpha of the Red Dust pack, with the title follows great responsibility. But when a new girl start at school, and she turns out to be his mate, he would do anything to make her his.
But how do you tell a human that you are a werewolf and make her accept you?

***What would you do, if you start at a new school, and the most popular boy shows an interest in YOU?*** 

Be trill right? But not Clarina Daniels, she is very shy and don't like too much attention. As if it's not bad enough to start at a new school in middle of the year, this guy start to be possessive and protective toward her, she don't know have to handle it.


There are some R-rated chapters in this story. You can read these by follow me, or go to my book Claim What's MINE - Private chapter, where I have gathered all the private chapters.

I hope you enjoy my first book

Needs editing i know - Luckily iheartmybf have offered to help with that.
I really appreciate the effort she is doing, that help making my first story better.

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hafsa2003babyluv hafsa2003babyluv Mar 20, 2017
And make her have a crush on him in school that will be so cool
beingasuperhero beingasuperhero Apr 19, 2017
I would ask him if he's a werewolf (thanks wattpad) and if he said no then I would be creeped out
Devil_Spxwn Devil_Spxwn May 31, 2017
*face palm* this guy has some serious possessiveness issues!
PuiiGreen9 PuiiGreen9 Apr 08, 2017
There he go again the hissing part he must be weresnake not werewolf
LemonGlacier LemonGlacier Mar 09, 2017
ok im not gonna lie, the book cover looks like they're posing in front of an iceberg, not a wolf
broccoli_is_good broccoli_is_good Aug 14, 2016