Claim what's MINE

Claim what's MINE

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***What would you do, if you find your mate, and its turn out she is HUMAN?***

Matthew Dust is the further Alpha of the Red Dust pack, with the title follows great responsibility. But when a new girl start at school, and she turns out to be his mate, he would do anything to make her his.
But how do you tell a human that you are a werewolf and make her accept you?

***What would you do, if you start at a new school, and the most popular boy shows an interest in YOU?*** 

Be trill right? But not Clarina Daniels, she is very shy and don't like too much attention. As if it's not bad enough to start at a new school in middle of the year, this guy start to be possessive and protective toward her, she don't know have to handle it.


There are some R-rated chapters in this story. You can read these by follow me, or go to my book Claim What's MINE - Private chapter, where I have gathered all the private chapters.

I hope you enjoy my first book

Needs editing i know - Luckily iheartmybf have offered to help with that.
I really appreciate the effort she is doing, that help making my first story better.

broccoli_is_good broccoli_is_good Aug 14, 2016
TheWierdFan TheWierdFan Jan 09, 2016
It's so weird because as soon as I was going to start to read the chapter chains came on!
FairyOfUnicorns FairyOfUnicorns Oct 05, 2015
That's creepy....and slightly adorablicious in a creepy way.
toniluv16 toniluv16 Jul 20, 2015
to be honest with you I say good choice for picking Nick Jonas he is so cute
chector53 chector53 Mar 06, 2015
REALLY SCARE THE HUMAN; send her running screaming into the night.
KiraLang KiraLang Jan 12, 2015
I like the pissessiveness he shows already. Just hope it do not scare her off.