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The Truth Behind the Mask

The Truth Behind the Mask

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Paula Bianca Tan By kyokosa2gawa015 Updated 7 days ago

This is my second KHR fanfiction. A twinfic. Sawada Tsunayoshi, has a younger twin named Sawada Hiroshi. Tsunayoshi is a dame while Hiroshi is the perfect child....or so everyone thought. Hiroshi bullies his brother secretly and is manipulative. Tsuna has a secret and...I'm not going to tell you. Read the story to find out.

I suck in summaries so forgive me and I'm slow in updates.

xAhlpax xAhlpax Apr 21
...the guy who stalked me home.. no, wait...that was my dad disguised as a bush.... TOM! THERES ALWAYS SOMEONE NAMED TOM IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD!!!
hannahmills3363 hannahmills3363 Feb 14, 2016
I just realised, if he didn't want attention. Then couldn't he just get normal grades. Because he kinda gets picked on and he won't be looked at as an idiot so then he would be apart of the croud, blending in
Sakura-hime Sakura-hime Nov 05, 2016
Yes, it can.... *grabs Reborn and throws him like how Yamamoto pitches at Hiro*
Meopize Meopize Jun 29, 2016
*Puts a hand over Tsunas mouth, a poker face shows on my face* 
                              "Shhhhhhhhhhhh.... We have so much to talk about..."
Otakuawesomness Otakuawesomness Jan 28, 2016
This is my 6th time reading this and I STILL freaking despise the little bastard of a brother.(Who doesn't deserve to be called one.) 
                              And Tsuna... Do you want me to decapitate him and sell his insides?
Otakuawesomness Otakuawesomness Jan 28, 2016
HaHahAhHAH. Tsuna. If you can't be a sky... WhO will be the sky for Vongola? AhoHiro? HAHAha. No way, I'd decapitate him if I found out he's acting like a PROPER sky and its fake. IF Hiro wasn't acting fake... I'd make him eat a cake made out of vomit and see if he forgives me.