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The Flame Chosen (Slow Update & Rewrite) by NatashaHannan
The Flame Chosen (Slow Update & Re...by Natasha
I do not own Katekyo Hitman Reborn nor the picture as they belong to their rightful owners. When Reborn came to tutor Sawada Tsunayoshi, he didn't expect to find himself...
Family I Never Had  ==KHR Fanfic== by RoyalKareem
Family I Never Had ==KHR Fanfic==by Royal-Chan
He has no one. He was not a believer. He never knew the answer to the single question of "What is love?" And... He never had a true family... He always knew th...
All Composing Sky [KHR] by Phantaysha
All Composing Sky [KHR]by D .Montique
Tsunayoshi is the son of Sawada Nana and Sawada Iemitsu. His older twin Kitsunayoshi is also apart of their house hold. Iemitsu is always away, Nana is a caring and naiv...
♪~Accompanying~♪ (KHR fanfic) by Suitgnailytz
♪~Accompanying~♪ (KHR fanfic)by Sui is Sui!
Today's news: Ashton Rickle, a 19 years old boy died being run over by a car for saving a 9 years old child. 'Wha- what happen?' 'Did I died?' 'Oh man! I still haven't...
Story of the Wind (KHR Fanfiction) by ReiAceYuu
Story of the Wind (KHR Fanfiction)by ReiAceYuu
"I never thought that my fascination could have indicated what fate had in store for me... But I can not say I regret my choices. Meeting them certainly is a dream...
Young Father 《KHR Fanfiction》 by RoyalKareem
Young Father 《KHR Fanfiction》by Royal-Chan
Life has never been easy for Tsuna. Though, it's not that bad either. Yet his dull story suddenly turned 180 degrees the moment he opened the door, that one fated day. O...
KHR: Broken lives by kuroh_akuma
KHR: Broken livesby Yunbin🌸
Giotto never believes in the supernatural, like, vampires, Re-birth, and most specially, Time-travel. So, why were kids popping out of nowhere and is actually the key to...
It Is Fated //khr fanfic// by queenhasegawa
It Is Fated //khr fanfic//by QH
[Till We Meet Again Rewrite] "Just for the sake of my loved ones, I'll bear the weight of the world." Synopsis : A young mafia boss, Sawada Tsunayoshi, died be...
A new life in the past by Vilamb
A new life in the pastby arisa sonoda
Adopted from fanfiction.net @carnivorous usagi Sawada tsunayoshi, vongola decimo ( Neo vongola primo) was died. But, instead go to after life like normal, he got reborn...
Together at Last... by RoyalKareem
Together at Last...by Royal-Chan
it's been some months after the Arcobaleno's ark, Class 2-A got a new student. but, something is odd about him. Although he's a loner, everything about him shouted 'PERF...
重大 (HIATUS) by -littleroxxi
重大 (HIATUS)by -littleroxxi
A portentous moment has led me to your arms.
Have a Sip! by RoyalKareem
Have a Sip!by Royal-Chan
Because Drunk Tsuna is fun to be around! Disclaimer: I don't own KHR.
From 20 to 5 by mixology_of_anime
From 20 to 5by mixology_of_anime
Tsuna and his Guardians are sent to the past by mistake! They are now trapped in Primo's time with the body of a child. Tensions rise as they wait to go back to the futu...
Katekyo Hitman Reborn Crack! | Complete by Meopize
Katekyo Hitman Reborn Crack! | Com...by мєσ
"I just realized something." Reborn rolled his eyes, "What now?" Tsuna rested a hand on her chin, "You might be an anime character." Rebor...
A Link In The Past(KHR Fanfic) by Crimsonslcr_72
A Link In The Past(KHR Fanfic)by No Name
-If you want to change your future then do what you can in the present not in the past because the past can never be changed- Time travelling was definitely not in one o...
Tsuna's Childhood Friend (DISCONTINUED) by FujiwaraAyen
Tsuna's Childhood Friend (DISCONTI...by Kathy735
Fujiwara Sora, Tsuna's childhood friend and the succesor of Estrella Family, third of the most strongest famiglia in mafia world, is coming back to Namimori disguised as...
New Teacher [DGMxKHR] by TheLittleStarTenny
New Teacher [DGMxKHR]by Tenny
Twin crossover with Money, Mafia and Clown. [DGMXKHR] As the Holy War was over, Allen went to Ark, closing it. When he later on got out there, many things had changed. A...
Twisted World by RoyalKareem
Twisted Worldby Royal-Chan
I've lived my live to the fullest. I've manage to reach my goal, Returning Vongola back to it's orriginal purpose. My family lived happily, and even though I died before...
What I Need... by RoyalKareem
What I Need...by Royal-Chan
Since he become the Decimo, Vongola slowly turned for the better. Tsuna who is known as 'the Angelo' always took the peaceful way to rule the underground world. His infa...
Just a Little by RoyalKareem
Just a Littleby Royal-Chan
Tsunayoshi di Vongola; known for crushing lives and making money. Meet him in the office, he likes you; meet him in the alley he, kills you. Only so little of his close...