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A True Sky by Cielo27deVongola
A True Skyby Cielo27deVongola
It's time to choose the rightful heir that will take over the next generation of Vongola. The Sawada twin's seemingly peaceful life took a sudden turn when a baby dresse...
Guardians undercover(Katekyo Hitman Reborn FanFic) by ju7393
Guardians undercover(Katekyo Hitma...by Juana Vargas
#COWAwards2018 Gianini makes a new modified version of the Ten-Year bazooka, a new version that will allow the future selves stay a longer time than just 5 minutes. But...
Mafia Queens (KHR Fanfic) by JazMaligo
Mafia Queens (KHR Fanfic)by SkyMaiden
Serena Jewel DeCastro is an immortal girl, she used to work with Primo. She fell in love with Primo, when Primo and the others left she was heartbroken. After 400 years...
Heart of a Clone by TokiLoki-Chan
Heart of a Cloneby TokiLoki-Chan
[COMPLETED] A Escratta family (Random name) has been attacking Primo Vongola Mansion NON-STOP. Nearing the end of their final battle, Escratta Family brought out their n...
Kamisama wo Shinjiru? by TokiLoki-Chan
Kamisama wo Shinjiru?by TokiLoki-Chan
Gods they are what humans looked up to as hope. but even hope comes despair. A God has came to Earth as punishment. Now, what would happen if the Gods clashed with the M...
Second Prince of Granzreich(KHR X TheRoyalTutor) by monicadragneel
Second Prince of Granzreich(KHR X...by Monica-san
Sawada Tsunayoshi the Vongola Decimo died protecting his family and his guardian with his dying will and left with sorrow and pain, leaving the Vongola along with his gu...
Reincarnated into khr by AshMartain
Reincarnated into khrby AshMartain
Oc reincarnated as Tsuna's little sister
When Old Generation Collides by StabYouWithMyAhogay
When Old Generation Collidesby -MoonRabbit-
Previously known as, "All Vongola Generations meet"
The Sky's Fury by Cielo27deVongola
The Sky's Furyby Cielo27deVongola
The Sun's brightness had been hidden by the heavy Cloud. The ground were covered with Mist accompanied by a light Rain drizzle while the Lightning flash in the distant...
The Fool || KHR Fanfiction by LucaYukimi
The Fool || KHR Fanfictionby Yukimi Luca
The Guardians of Vongola Decimo have never expected something big like this nor does everyone around the Sawada Family. An unexpected appearance, where did this girl cam...
Into Another World the continuation (KHR Fanfic) by Arisu123Chiyo
Into Another World the continuatio...by Arisu123Chiyo
Hi everyone this is my new account cause I forgot my other one that also named Arisu Chiyo, so I'm going to be writing in this one, so please don't get confused and tell...
Kizuna [ KHR Fanfiction ] by AizawaMio
Kizuna [ KHR Fanfiction ]by Aizawa Mio
The day when a twin of Miyoshi and Tsunayoshi being born, was a day which everyone on Vongola famiglia waited for. Vongola mansion is no longer silent since they come to...
Back to Primo... by JazMaligo
Back to Primo...by SkyMaiden
Another Version of Book 3 What would happen Tsuna and the others turned to kids?! What would happen if the Queens didn't get sucked in the bazooka?! What happened in the...
Yamanaka Ino In KHR (Naruto & Khr Crossover) by IrenaScarlet
Yamanaka Ino In KHR (Naruto & Khr...by Princess Huang BeiYue
Yamanaka Ino in KHR (Naruto & KHR Crossover) (Various Boys x Yamanaka Ino)
My Secret Khr (Slowly Update) by CtDiaz
My Secret Khr (Slowly Update)by Ct Diaz
Sawada Tsunayoshi aka Dame-Tsuna have fallen in love with transfer student from Italy. Unfortunately, her world turn upside down when she 'visit' the future to see the d...
Irregular Pieces (KHR fanfiction) by RandomPlayer112
Irregular Pieces (KHR fanfiction)by Random_Playerz112
She thought she had nothing. No family, no talent, no life of her own. That is, until she met those annoying ghosts that ended up following her all the time. Don't forge...
Mafia Teachers [Discontinued] by JazMaligo
Mafia Teachers [Discontinued]by SkyMaiden
My first crossover of Mafia Queens "Serena... I'm gonna sent your souls to another body in parallel world. Byakuran will help me sent your souls to the parallel wor...
Sky's Loyalty  by Kgh_Ap
Sky's Loyalty by Fanfan
I will take on all of your burdens. Be the most expansive sky you've ever seen, protecting you from all harm. Because I am the sky. The sky that will always be your refu...
Mafioso At School by Cielo27deVongola
Mafioso At Schoolby Cielo27deVongola
NOTE: SLOW UPDATE (currently not my priority) ••• Namimori High has transferee students from Italy. They were quite elated and ready to befriend these foreigners. Howeve...
Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Royal Famiglia by nany_chan04
Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Royal Famig...by nany_chan04
The sequel to Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Royal Cielo. How will life be now that they are back, are they truly safe. After all there are tons of mafiosi who want King Giotto...