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Hn is an Official Language by I_am_Charkayla
Hn is an Official Languageby "Kill me gently" ~BTS
The story of a girl reborn into the khr world as female Tsuna. First chapter will explain her previous life and death, you know, all that cliche junk. KHR and Art are no...
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Dr.Stone (Reader x Senku) by leeaver
Dr.Stone (Reader x Senku)by leeaver
Senku had gone though every possible situation and decided with 1 billion percent certainty that today would be the best day to ask you out, not even a brilliant mind li...
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ALiVE (KHR Fanfic) by -idxris
ALiVE (KHR Fanfic)by ⁎°-aris.
『 Dying of Asphyxiation was seriously not my goal in life. 』 Neither was meeting a Governor of the Afterlife and getting sent to another world for a second chance at lif...
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Another Sky, From the Parallel World (KHR fanfic) by TheLonerLion
Another Sky, From the Parallel Lionel
[The cool cover by @-canaeris] Tsuna died at age 40 due to a chronic illness. Long before his death, Tsuna once said to Byakuran. "You know, Byakuran? I want to be...
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Eclectic || Asagiri Gen x Reader (Dr. Stone)  by _bluebolt_
Eclectic || Asagiri Gen x Reader ( [ ]
Eclectic (n.) - deriving ideas, style or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources. •----------• "How are you doing today, Beauty-chan~?" (Y/N) (L/N), V...
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Dr. Stone Oneshots by _bluebolt_
Dr. Stone Oneshotsby [ ]
hahahahahah i have no self control will unpublish when theres a lot of requests then suddenly appear when im done with it all
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Guardians undercover(Katekyo Hitman Reborn FanFic) by ju7393
Guardians undercover(Katekyo Juana Vargas
#COWAwards2018 Gianini makes a new modified version of the Ten-Year bazooka, a new version that will allow the future selves stay a longer time than just 5 minutes. But...
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The Vice President of the Science Club (Senku Ishigami x Reader) Dr. Stone  by dragonqueen044
The Vice President of the Rhianna
It's a Dr Stone x reader Plot; You are the vise president of the science club, who was appointed by the principal himself because of your amazing score in your entrance...
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The Prince's Temporary Wife by DreamScribbler
The Prince's Temporary Wifeby シンシアケイ
I'll just have to accept it and move on. Because it's only temporary. That's the only thing I can't change. I'm temporary and that's permanently true. I close my eyes, s...
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friends • dr. stone by -dachi-
friends • dr. stoneby °^°
→a dr. stone oneshot book, to fullfil your thirst . . . disclaimer: dr. stone or it's characters are not mine! . ©-dachi-, unedited
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Philosophical Science by Savvy-Nerd
Philosophical Scienceby Procrastination Master
Ishigami Senku × Reader A young girl raised by single mother, her life was average, but ever since the young girl can remember she has always had a passion for philos...
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illogical • ishigami senku by -dachi-
illogical • ishigami senkuby °^°
→dr. stone reader insert, pairing: ishigami senku x reader →(y/n) (l/n), is not an ordinary high school girl, who is chasing for a lover in high school. instead, she was...
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Reborn: Katekyo Hitman Reborn Edition by Moonlit_Dragon
Reborn: Katekyo Hitman Reborn ❀ Moonlit.Dragon ❀
Saito is a second-year student in Namimori Middle School. Aside from being in the kendo club, he is also a devoted member of the disciplinary committee and he is very st...
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KHR: Broken (Editing) by ArcXys
KHR: Broken (Editing)by -*°queen
"Life and death is no fun at all." oOo What would you do when you died and reincarnated in an anime world? Of course, you would be screaming in happiness as a...
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Amethyst: A New Perspective (Dr. Stone) by junessaitself
Amethyst: A New Perspective (Dr. lol
'Senku,' the female called, somber violets looking at the distance ahead of them. The said man hummed in recognition, feeling her earnest tone calling out to him. Hell...
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Petrified | Dr. Stone by Daari-Rozu
Petrified | Dr. Stoneby Ari
She's supposed to be living a life that is planned out from the very beginning. A life that is controlled by her peers and the expectations set by the adults around her...
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Dr Stone Headcanons/Scenarios by Sleepymima
Dr Stone Headcanons/Scenariosby Sleepymima
[Dr. Stone x Reader] I write headcanons and scenarios for our beloved Dr Stone characters! Requests at my Tumblr here.
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A Reborn Sky by thelegitlazycow
A Reborn Skyby thelegitlazycow
Sawada Tsunayoshi 24 years old died by the hand of the Bertesca, he woke up with his seal weakening. He goes through the journey again with more knowledge and strength...
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Dr. Stone Boyfriend Scenarios by West4203
Dr. Stone Boyfriend Scenariosby devious
Hello, welcome to this boyfriend scenario book. This will mostly be headcanons since I don't have a lot of time on my hands. Feel free to request things but they may not...
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Turning Point by The-Unknown-Soul
Turning Pointby 27x18
Lost in Italy a five year old Tsuna ends up in the care of the Varia's commander, Xanxus. That was the turning point in their lives and it set their fates on a new path...
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