A sky within the night -KHR

A sky within the night -KHR

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When Reborn, the world's greatest hitman, came all the way to Namimori from Italy, he was expecting a model student with a silent older twin...

Unfortunately, that isn't what he got; instead the so called model student is an selfish and manipulative brat while the other twin is indeed silent, however there is more to the older twin than what meets the eyes.

Tsunayoshi, the older twin seems far older than physically possible and tends to avoid people, not because he is shy, but for reasons unknown to the hitman. He also tends to disappear in the blanket of night before returning early in the morning, actually, he tends to disappear a lot through the day as well.

The Sawada family is indeed strange, Nana seems to be hiding a few things as well.

"Damn you Iemitsu... You've been away from your family too much... The reports are useless!"

All chapters (besides prologue) will be at least 1k words

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CaelSin27JJ CaelSin27JJ May 08
Uh well duh. Have you ever heard of hiding them? Ey, old man. . . ?
Wait. Is the - a place holder or something? I was like "why are they both Yoshi?"
Oh okay, so the Ie is an extroverted child while the Tsu is the introverted one..... But I choose Tsu over Ie than choosing Ie over Tsu!  Ie is just jealous that she picks Tsu, but it is because it's true! Lol am I overreacting? Nvm
ablamen ablamen Nov 29, 2016
Herbivore/kufufufu/dame-Ie/scum:  tsuna is the cutest thing that exist in all dimensions and galaxies so shut the f*ck off
Ree-chan27 Ree-chan27 Dec 23, 2016
Maybe he mixed up between the two, or he didn't have enough time to check tsu-kun cause he ran away. Also tsu-kun's eyes glowed orange, that means he has sky flames
Ree-chan27 Ree-chan27 Dec 23, 2016
That is not a funny joke you know…
                              Not even in your dreams you will be cuter than tsu-kun, his cuteness has no end