Left Behind

Left Behind

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Bill Cipher By mbrownie Updated Jun 12, 2017

For those who love Inugome.

Time passes and Naraku still lives. Inuyasha had been searching for the jewel fragments and trying to find Naraku, but he kept getting distracted and wandering off with Kikyo, who was traveling with the other five in the group. Kagome led most of the searches, her bravery increasing with each monster she faced on her own. 
But Inuyasha was blinded by his thoughts of love for the twisted Kikyo, and he never realized how much Kagome actually loved him, and with the wedding coming up, he may never have the chance to find out. 

Kagome was invited to the wedding, and she was supposed to watch Inuyasha marry Kikyo. Heartbroken, Kagome only had one thing left to do. She was going to congratulate Inuyasha, confess her feelings to him, and vanish from his Era, never to be seen again from any of her friends.

But what she never saw coming was a lot of twists and turns that come up in her challenge to escape her true love and his fiancée in a vital- and last- attempt to be happy for herself and her friends.

Disclaimer: Most of the characters are not mine; they are Rumiko Takahashi's.

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