Wounded Heart

Wounded Heart

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It took one day to turn Lydia Martin's life upside down, and it could take one person to help her fix it. The last person she expected to see again. But Lydia has been through enough, and she isn't sure if her wounded heart is ready to take a leap of faith again.

It's been years since Stiles Stilinski left Beacon Hills, and everything that came with it, behind. But when he returns for a short visit, he realized he was wrong believing that everything would be okay. Everything is different of what seventeen year old Stiles thought it would be his senior year when he left. 

Will Lydia let Stiles in? Or will she leave and forget about him just like he did Senior year? 

                        {Sequel to Awaken}

All character rights go to the Teen Wolf creators.

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AlanLujan AlanLujan Apr 23, 2017
Uncle Scott will make sure you both are safe, please do go with him.
AlanLujan AlanLujan Sep 22, 2017
Hell yeah, Scott is furious, kick his face bro, I'll help you.
darkelysians darkelysians May 29, 2016
No, let's not visit. Let's stay for eternity since my husband is a drunken nut job.
Nii_Vii Nii_Vii Apr 24, 2015
Oh my God...I nearly cried...this is not the life lydia deserves:(