misunderstood | stiles stilinski

misunderstood | stiles stilinski

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You never forget your first High School crush. Claire wished for nothing more than to forget everything about him and what happened between them. If she could just delete that one day from her memory, she would.

Everything changed when Stiles Stilinski broke Claire's heart. Trying to flee from everything, she moves in with her dad, hundreds of miles away from Beacon Hills. When she comes back after two years she doesn't know what to expect, but it clearly wasn't that her cousin and best friend Lydia Martin was now friends with the sarcastic boy who didn't care about Claire's feelings. Or so she thought.

[Disclaimer:This is a Stiles Stilinski AU, no werewolves or any other supernatural creatures. However, I did insert some quotes and references. I don't own Teen Wolf and its characters just my original characters and the plot.]

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