The Devil's Tear

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Ember By Amirelle Completed
"Once the mirror is reunited with the tear, The Devil will ascend once again."
    In a mirror, the spirit of a dead King lies trapped. And in a pure twelve-year old, the Devil's spirit lies in wait. Rosy Rains, a sweet girl from a poor family, discovers the curse upon her. Because of the purity of her heart, the Devil chose her tiny body as his vessel. 
    Artemis Delara, a bright but secretive young woman, is notorious for her past cruelty. In an attempt at atonement, she accompanies Rosy in her escape from the clutches of those who desire the Devil's tear, and encounter many allies, as well as enemies.
    All of Rosy's allies must make a decision; a decision that will save or destroy their land, their force, and the innocent Rosy. 
    Meanwhile, the Devil watches in amusement as the pawns on his chessboard hold on to dear life.
Hmm. I seem to not yet have read this. I really should, looks interesting. 
                                    Xerxes....hmm. I like that name, reminds me of Xerxes Break. I think I will continue to read. xD
                                    Lot of characters. I will get confused quite easily. *sigh* Let's hope I can keep up! 
                                    Reading on now. {or later} ------->
o^o I seriously love this. It's beyond amazing and so...anime/manga in my mind. XD I would watch it. And the whole Xerxes thing reminds me of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.
Wow, this is really well written! I can picture the anime in my mind!
@xxcrimsonxshellxx Did you read the latest chappie?? So exciting!! x)
                                    Zeref the black mage Dx  SO COOL O___<"
"x" is a hard letter to type D:
                                    How do you get all these cool names? xD
                                    And your prologues are uh-maze-ing! :)
                                    Hehe ;P  Artemis was cussed at xD
                                    Tytania reminds me of Erza from Fairy Tail xD
Yo. I'm re-reading again  ^_^ Oh, I just realised.. Demetri has broken both promises he made in this chapter, and of course, his personality had completely changed. Okay, perhaps it's just his attitude towards Artemis that has changed. Anyway. Poor Artemis. >.<