Heroes of Olympus x Reader

Heroes of Olympus x Reader

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Just a bunch of cute stories with you and the Heroes of Olympus boys!

Percy Jackson
Jason Grace
Frank Zhang
Nico di Angelo
& of course, the Super Sized McShizzle himself;
Leo Valdez 

I am open to requests if y'all want a special story I will be glad to write it.
Hope you guys like it.

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- - Jun 12
Octavian will be exterminated for killing my Raphie plush. *goes full on Dalek* EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE!!!!
First the panda, now this. WHEN WILL YOU STOP, YOU MONSTER?!
- - Jun 12
What in the name of Jupiter is he screaming about Hephaestus for?!
lavalcmp lavalcmp Oct 05
i lowkey love octavian purely based on the fact that he murders stuffed animals for a living like that fACT ALONE makes me not want to hate octavian even tho he's an evil twat
that_wonhoe that_wonhoe Aug 28
I know what he does to pillow pets.... I shall protect Raph with my life
I didn't really have and still don't have cat dolls. I had one but she was ugly as heck so I would have gladly have given him that one. Dogs were more of my thing.