Heroes of Olympus x Reader

Heroes of Olympus x Reader

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GalaxyTears By GalaxyTears Completed

Just a bunch of cute stories with you and the Heroes of Olympus boys!

Percy Jackson
Jason Grace
Frank Zhang
Nico di Angelo
& of course, the Super Sized McShizzle himself;
Leo Valdez 

I am open to requests if y'all want a special story I will be glad to write it.
Hope you guys like it.

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Nicoetsuma Nicoetsuma a day ago
Oh my gods, so cute but honestly guys frank can't even hold someone's hand in public let alone go in for a second kiss still really cute though
I love how everyone else is just like awwww how cute and I'm over here like YES IT DOES MATTER
And by fall for him im sure you mean i literally fell because im clumsy af
I'm a boy, really real boy!!! I'm a boy, a really cool boy... TEEN TITANS
DarkPercy_Trash DarkPercy_Trash Sep 16, 2017
First the panda, now this. WHEN WILL YOU STOP, YOU MONSTER?!
FluffyBearofLove FluffyBearofLove Dec 28, 2017
My real crush is like that exsp. For the tiny part. He's taller than me