I Don't Care (Peterick/side Trohley)

I Don't Care (Peterick/side Trohley)

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bahy💎   (she/her) By thankspatrick Completed

"Bet then, Stump?"

Peterick & Trohley AU



(there is A LOT of hair dyeing in this story so be ready)

switches from pete to patrick every chapter

fordelia fordelia Sep 07
Why are they always fùcking the whole town? Like can y'all not be always horny for once??
WhimsicalViona WhimsicalViona Dec 27, 2016
Im proud of Pete being openly bisexual, let me hug you, Pete.
- - Aug 31, 2016
It says "power hitter" and for some reason I read "power bottom" .... I'll go now *yeets out the window*
XxFallOutBoy123xX XxFallOutBoy123xX Nov 11, 2016
Patrick is too innocent and "I was that good at sports as a kid that I started a band" - Patrick Stump
Patrick is too innocent and what happened to "I don't sports" ?
stumpxwentz stumpxwentz Oct 18, 2016
"Patrick has been a catcher his whole life." What about Donnie though?