I Don't Care (Peterick/side Trohley)

I Don't Care (Peterick/side Trohley)

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kodak b(ay)lack By thankspatrick Completed

"Bet then, Stump?"

Peterick & Trohley AU



(there is A LOT of hair dyeing in this story so be ready)

switches from pete to patrick every chapter

stumpshine stumpshine Aug 31
It says "power hitter" and for some reason I read "power bottom" .... I'll go now *yeets out the window*
Patrick is too innocent and "I was that good at sports as a kid that I started a band" - Patrick Stump
"Patrick has been a catcher his whole life." What about Donnie though?
may i never have virgin fall out boy in peace? - an asexual that appreciates fanfiction but only in a certain way and is very sorry for that lmfao
I LOVE FICS WHERE THEY HATE EACH OTHER AND THEN THEY'RE LIKE, "Holy hot damn, this guy is the love of my life"
hajnsnskjah hajnsnskjah Mar 10
I kissed a girl, and I liked it, the taste of "Iridocyclitis"