Patrick Stump and the Flying Car Brigade

Patrick Stump and the Flying Car Brigade

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Sixth year Hufflepuff Patrick Stump had it all: good grades, a large group of friends, and a loving boyfriend. He expected his sixth year to be perfectly normal, at least by wizarding standards. However, all of that changes thanks to a job opening in Chicago, a mysterious new neighbour, a seemingly blank piece of parchment, and a powder blue Ford Anglia that might just have the ability to fly. 

Only one thing is for sure. This is going to be one bizarre year for Patrick and his friends. 

A Harry Potter/Fall Out Boy crossover featuring every emo band in existence and a whole lot of ships (Peterick, Frerard, Phan, Geoffkey, etc). Sequel to Gerard Way and the Triwizard Tournament, so if you care at all about spoilers, read that first. Cover by @BrendonBySleep.

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N3arell N3arell Dec 28, 2017
Lots of references, just the way I like it (I honestly don’t know how I ended up reading fanfic... but I’m staying)
getyourownramen getyourownramen Sep 29, 2017
                              IM NEARLY
                              BORED TO DEATH
                              AND FADING FAAAAAAST
                              LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO LAST LONG
N3arell N3arell Dec 28, 2017
I would “awwww”’n out loud, but my family is here and it’d be awkward
getyourownramen getyourownramen Sep 29, 2017
Correct houses for the band members already seen...good plot...good grammar... IF PETE IS A SLYTHERIN IMMA FREAK BECAUSE THEN THIS'D BE THE PERFECT STORY
malumxcuddlesx malumxcuddlesx May 13, 2017
The amount of references is giving me a heart attack
                              And it's just the first paragraph
N3arell N3arell Dec 28, 2017
My petekey/peterick feelings are conflicting inside me right now