Candy Man (boyxboy) [✓]

Candy Man (boyxboy) [✓]

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Not With A Whimper, But With A Bang. By Poetically-Damaged Completed

Allen, has a taste for sarcasm and a disdain for blondes. 

So what happens when all two of those things are mixed in one blonde haired new kid? Will Mr. Sarcasm be able to deny his obvious feelings for the new blue eyed blonde haired jerk?

Prequel to an old story of mine.

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Better be that personal space boy, being kicked in the nads hurts. Trust me, back up👀
secondlittlelady secondlittlelady Dec 01, 2017
I'm 15, single haven't had her first kiss and a virgin.... ducking kids nowadays!
rerukya rerukya Jan 08
im blonde but oook
                              i mean like the dirty blonde ashy type thing
Math is fine to me I just hate the word problems that always ask "how much did Jeff make or was Jeff more or less than lucy"? like why can't Jeff solve his own problem but other wise im fine with everything else😂
ihasbrownie ihasbrownie Apr 03
Oh well u know fell in love with a hot blonde and accidently said it out loud in class and embarrassed myself.
It's going to the time when he'll finslly give you your personal space and book bag and stop being a tease ;-;